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the series

Scenes from a Balcony (Such Sweet Sorrow) Part 3&4

 feat Christina DeCicco, Dir by Stephen Brotebeck, TNC


Rogue Theater Festival in NYC,
Friday August 16 2019, 7:00pm - 13th St Repertory Theater, Union Square

Saturday August 17 2019, 8:00pm -  Ripley Grier Studios 520 8th Ave., Studio 10D

The LIVES are: Manuel Cortes Alcazar, Bernard Davis, Lauren D'Imperio, Kirsten Egenes, Lauren Gismondi, Lisa Lamothe, Erin Solér, Gabriel Spector, Matt Stairs

Safe Haven feat Zoran Duke Rausavljevich 3/18/18

"Merchandise" from Such Sweet Sorrow

feat by Adam Spiegel

"Safe Haven", from Stephen Brotebeck's "Brotography"

feat Sara Antkowiak and Karl Maier, dancers, Chris Gleim on vocals

Produced by Stephen Brotebeck, Pianist: Joe Kinosian

Lyrics by Jana Cudney, Music by Chris Wade

Such Sweet Sorrow audio demo

feat John Winters & Renee Albulario

Subways, Bus Stops & Taxicabs

from 29LIVES (Anonymous Lives) 

directed by Stephen Brotebeck

Break My Heart

Words and Music by Chris Wade

Performed by Molly Tynes

From 29LIVES

Subways, Bus Stops & Taxicabs

Words and Music by Chris Wade

US Performing Arts Camp, NY

From 29LIVES, dir. by Stephen Brotebeck

What Am I Waiting For

from 29LiVEs: HOLiDAZe

I Wanna Remember This Night

Performed by Molly Tynes

from 29LIVES (Anonymous Lives)

dir. Stephen Brotebeck

Safe Haven

Words - Jana Cudney/ Music - Chris Wade

Perfomed by Chris Wade

From 29LIVES

Autumn Leaves

Arranged by Chris Wade

Perfomed by Chris Wade

From the Engel Art Documentary



Words - Jana Cudney/ Music -Chris Wade

Performed by Kristin Mularz

From 29LIVES

"(I Was) Happy in December" from 29LIVES

feat Erik Sisco, Jonathon Marro, Daniel Pivovar

"Fresh Direct/Why Would I Choose to Leave" words by Charlie Sohne, Music CW

feat Mario Castro, Nikki Van Cassele,

Amanda Salvatore

One Less Night

Words- Jana Cudney/ Music- Chris Wade

Performed by Tara Hunnewell

From Hello! How Are You? I Love You!

Luke 2: 1-14

Music by Chris Wade, with Biblical text

From Rockin'tata

Riverside, CA

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 Chris Wade Music Productions

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Chris Wade with Tony Award winning actress Lena Hall.