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Our highly entertaining song and dance comedy shows lightly poke fun at all sides of the political spectrum. Audiences leave our shows laughing and feeling patriotic!

Our shows are available as performing groups of 4-6 singer/actors. We combine a classic Las Vegas style musical comedy song and dance revue with current political humor, using popular songs with new parody lyrics. 

Our content is customizable!

Perfect for political conventions, patriotic celebrations, corporate and cruise entertainment.

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Actual reviews from audience members after our recent show June 29, 2022:

"Political satire has never been so much fun!"

"That was amazing - the writing was clever, edgy and hilarious!"

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40 sec sizzle reel from our performances at JFK Library & Museum for Mass Mutual, June 29 2022

11 minute sizzle reel from our 40 min show, recently created and presented June 29, 2022 for Mass Mutual at JFK Library & Museum


Democrat? Republican? Independent? Who cares? We sure don't, and no one is safe. National Nonsense is a political satire comedy troupe - a song and dance show roasting the latest political news.


We know that our comedy revue is the perfect blend of American patriotism and humor, suitable for a wide range of audiences, ages, political affiliations and senses of humor! Ripped from the headlines, our parodies cover everything from the ever-confusing healthcare and pharma-policies,  to elections and national news. 


Our show's song selection covers a popular variety of iconic popular songs from "50 Ways To Lose Supporters" to "Sounds of Surveillance" and our casts do impersonations of Joe and Kamala, Kavanaugh, RBG, Mayor Pete, Fauci, Colbert, Melania and more.  No one is safe!


National Nonsense has been featured on Letterman, the Mike Huckabee Show and on The Weather Channel poking fun at current leaders, events... and even themselves.


NATIONAL NONSENSE 2022, a political satire song and dance comedy show to liven up your event!

Current Show features parodies:

50 Ways to Lose Supporters (50 Ways to Leave Your Lover)

Fox News (Hey Jude)

The Booty Judge Song (Secret Agent Man)

My Wall (My Girl)

Tweet It (Beat It)

Pharma Man (Piano Man)

Old Frat Boy Attitude (Old Time Rock and Roll)

The Beltway Bunch (The Brady Bunch)

Tik Tik Craze (Lizzo's About Damn Time)

Today! (Tonight Quintet from West Side Story)

The Things You Do For Votes (The Things You Do For Love)

National Nonsense Theme (We Are Family)

...and more!

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