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Custom Recording Sessions

CWMP specializes in custom recording sessions. Need vocalists, small groups or choirs on your project? We bring your vision to life including custom vocal arrangements and/or composition, and selecting the right vocalists for you. 

We are proud to work with some of the top sync licensing companies including BMG Music. It is always an honor to work with Artists, Bands, Producers and Film/TV Studios.

CWMP loves to collaborate and many companies bring us in, covering the logistics of recording, engineering, studio booking etc. Here are some projects where we have worked with our Clients to arrange choir parts or vocalists as backup harmonies.
CWMP In-House Recording - your one stop shop!
CWMP can also be utilized as your one stop shop recording house. Along with Josh Munnell, our in-house engineer, Chris Wade builds a Team right for your project. Here are some projects where Clients have hired our services to record, engineer, master, as well as arrange vocal parts, compose orchestrations and contract our talented vocalists. 
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